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Internet Explorer
  1. Choose "Internet Options"
  2. Click the Privacy tab
  3. Set to Default setting which is medium

If you still have problems then try this:

  1. Choose "Internet Options"
  2. Click the Privacy tab, then
  3. In the Web Sites area Click "Sites"    
  4. In the field labeled “Address of website” type  
  5. Click Allow
  6. Click OK

Google Chrome
  1. In address bar type chrome://settings/
  2. Click "Show Advanced Settings" (at bottom)
  3. Under Privacy Click "Content Settings"
  4. Choose "Allow local data to be set (recommended)"
  5. Click OK


  1. Click Tools then Options
  2. Click Privacy Icon
  3. Check the box next to Accept cookies from sites
  4. Click OK


  1. Click Sarafi menu then Preferences
  2. Click Security tab
  3. Select Always next to "Accept Cookies"

Other Browsers

  1. Click Preferences  
  2. Click Privacy  
  3. Enable cookies  
  4. Click OK

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